Swallowing the pill called the Day After


You know those days you don’t want to leave? Those days you want to stay in, those places that wrap their scenic arms around you, those people who you call home. I had those days this weekend, I sat in that place, I ate and cried and laughed with those people.

And today is Monday, and those days are gone.

What felt like invincibility all too quickly became the green light Gatsby stared too long at.

What seemed so clear all too quickly was muddied back by the insecurities that Monday brings.

But that was real. Those moments you love, those are real, those are gifts. And just because the day after has to come that doesn’t mean it wasn’t exactly what you soul needed.

Don’t let imperfect tread on nights of Heaven on Earth. Don’t let the rain sweep in and make you forget your beach days. Walk into Monday with new normals, you’re allowed to make that call.

Today feels so much different than yesterday, but that’s okay. The day after always has to follow, but more of those days are close behind.


I see every day how frail and fickle my heart is. I am a wave-but You made the waves and you think of me yet. (inspired by Ps. 40)



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