Beauty, grace, and queen of 50 states

Today is International Women’s Day! Woohoo! What a chance it is to celebrate. Not in exchange for understanding the disparities of this world, but in addition to seeing what’s broken and letting our celebrate fuel the mending process.

Beyond society and the world and global issues an inequalities and the glass ceiling and wage gaps (all of which you should know about), today more than anything I want to look inside myself. The biggest stump for me to get over if I’m honest is one of constant comparison and competition to other girls. If I stay honest, two web tabs over from this one is the infamous Bachelor “Women Tell All”, and for the past thirty minutes it has been a group of beautiful talented women speaking over one another, insulting one another, and entering a commercial break in tears. What is that? Social media and wanting to be desirable and all these things have us pitted against each other, but when I look at my life I can confidently say that after Jesus Christ himself, I have found the MOST strength by linking arms with my girls.

So let’s fight the women tell all scenario. Let’s squash the competition with celebration. Let’s get started :).



KIM is quite often the LIGHT of my life.

She is a STRONG strong woman who has seen more adversity than I may ever see in my lifetime-yet she operates in so much JOY. She knows her limits and isn’t out to beat anyone, but to diligently serve every task, human, and goal she has committed herself to. I’m taking this one to the grave.




HAN is my longtime super-power. Every day I wake up to a card hanging on my wall across from my bed. It reads,



And just knowing Han is telling me that makes me never want to.



KAYCE is so many things I want to be when I grow up.

She is a GORGEOUS and fiercely intelligent and reminds me weekly to never let two things slip: my school game and my shoe game.

We’ve come a long way from the baby nerd classes in elementary school and I’m so glad I still have her.



AL oh how I could cry a thousand tears over this one.

Alie is wildly curious, averse to small talk, and is the worst study partner because every time we see each other we have SO MUCH TO DISCUSS. Alie has in the kindest way held my hand as she and I often walk together into questions most people want to sweep under their beds.

She’s hot, she’s DRIVEN, and there is no question in my mind that I want to keep her close, if only to see where she goes in this life.




RENZE is both halves of a POWERHOUSE, she has the ability to be strong and home.

She’s less like a friend and more like a sister. She teaches me, she holds me, pushes me and gives me the silent treatment every now and then. But in being so close, I’ve had to privilege to see every crack in her heart, every small moment of huge GROWTH, every internal battle fought between what is and what could be. Renze is a fighter for the good, and I love her a lot.


11931134_1032234686820749_698413821_nLIZ can’t even see this post right now because she’s loving the heck out of people in the Dominican Republic.

This girl is brave, gentle, wise, and she can SANG. If you don’t think you can recover from a friend break up, WE DID. We have seen the long road of friendship, and can I just say, so worth it. She is CONSTANT and last weekend I gold to hold her shoulders, look her in the eyes and say, ‘Something inside feels so excited for your future.’ I love knowing people who make me feel this way.


So there’s a handful of the downright lady greatness I get to know. Go celebrate your girls, fly that banner, champion those who are BETTER than you, and remind yourself these women are not my competition.


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