Emily Goes to Gulu!

Dear Friends and Family,

It is my greatest pleasure to announce that I have accepted a year-long communications field office internship with International Justice Mission in Gulu, Uganda. Gulu is a more rural city in northern Uganda (which is on the mid-Eastern side of Africa, in fact the Equator runs through Uganda!). Accomodations in Gulu are much different than we are used to here, and even more meager than larger cities in Africa (We will often need to drive several hours to get some basic needs). The IJM team stretches 17 field offices wide globally and works to rescue victims from issues like human trafficking and land theft, hold slave-owners and criminals accountable in court, and restore strength to both victims and local justice systems. I have dreamed of engaging the developing world and becoming a part of this team since I was in high school, and now I get to!

IJM’s work in Uganda (where I will be!) focuses on protecting women and children from violence. Gulu is a relatively new field office location, even still, IJM has restored more than 540 widows, orphans and families to their homes and has restrained 90  criminals from perpetrating more violence. (To read Grace’s story, a restored victim from Uganda, check this out: https://www.ijm.org/graces-story )

If you know anything about me you know that I have spent much of the past four years researching and shadowing research on gender-based violence, so when I was made aware of a role that catered towards that I was thrilled. I am particularly excited to be working with International Justice Mission because of their faith-centered approach to justice. God’s character models for us how to seek out people, and to stand for justice. Through my work in Gulu I will not only be serving earthly needs, but will be seeking and praying for eternal impact in the lives of those I come in contact with.

I am excited, hopeful, and trusting that this opportunity is exactly the path in which I have been called this year. Furthermore, that means that I am trusting in full providence for my time there. My position with IJM is a full-time sponsor supported, 40 hour work-week in the Gulu field office. I am responsible to raise my complete funding for the year, this includes airfare, housing, food, security, and transportation. I have been given an $18,000-$20.000 estimate for how much that will cost.

I am charging forward with a goal to raise (or have pledged) 100% of my support in 100 days. 100% in 100 days. Is that ambitious? Yes. Can we do it? Absolutely. While we hear this everywhere, I truly believe God will provide for me in all of this.

On June 3, 2018 I will depart to receive training for my time in Gulu, and following that. That is only a few months away! I have shots to get, supplies to pack, and preparations to make!

So join with me in prayer, support, and ALL THE LOVE because we’re going to Gulu, and it’s going to be a ride!!!

Please see below on ways to give, join in prayer, and keep up with me while in Gulu.

Ways To Get Involved

For One Time Donations:

Checks: For an address and check info, please email e.beth2014@gmail.com

Venmo: Venmo is a money transferring app that will allow me to transfer all donations directly into my Ugandan bank account, free of fees. On venmo you can give to @EmilyGoesToGulu or scan the QR code below.

Gulu Venmo

For Recurring Donations:

What I hope many of you will consider is setting up a recurring donation. These donations will be the backbone of my time in Gulu. Because I will be there for 12 months, I will be paying monthly living expenses just as I would here in Atlanta (good news is they are obviously cheaper!). But I do ask that you pray and consider becoming a monthly sponsor for me in whatever capacity is best for you.

To do this please visit https://www.continuetogive.com/EmilysyearinGulu

To stay up to date on life in Gulu, as well as prayer requests:

Request to join the Facebook Page: Emily goes to Gulu! for photos, fundraising updates, and daily life in Gulu! https://www.facebook.com/groups/155995528437118/members/

I cannot thank you enough for even considering partnering with me on this new adventure! I truly believe I am called to Gulu in this season and am believing that my work there will be life and soul saving work. I welcome you to join me on this mission in support of myself and the people of Gulu, Uganda.